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ESC Regolatore Brushless Sensored 150A 2-6s 1:8 SkyRC Toro TS150 SK-300045-01

ESC Regolatore Brushless Sensored 150A 2-6s 1:8 SkyRC Toro TS150 SK-300045-01

€ 129,00Prezzo

ESC Regolatore Brushless Sensored 150A 2-6s 1:8 SkyRC Toro TS150 SK-300045-01

Toro TS150 150A ESC is big power in a small package, intending for 1/8th buggies, truggies and monster trucks running up to 6S LiPo. The innovative new case allows for fan changes and built-in 6V/5A BEC.

Leading the industry not only in power handing ability but also size and features with Throttle Control, Drag Brake, Custom Brake Input Curve,Voltage Cutoff for LiPo, ESC and Motor Overheat Protection and much more.

As always, Toro TS150 150A ESC offers industry-leading software and firmware update functions and can be programmed by SkyLink via PC, Program Box and even your smart phone.

All-new Design

Unique Electronic Power Switch
A simple push button operates the switch meaning to eliminate the problems associated with intermittent contact of an ordinary mechanical switch.
Less Resistance, Less Heat ,More Efficiency

10 User Modifiable Profiles
The users could set and store 10 sets of profiles in the ESC. These data could be called out at any time without any special program setting. All the setting can be exported or imported so that the user could compare and analyze.

Safety Features
Low voltage protection
Motor and ESC overheat protection
Signal lost protection

Firmware Update
The firmware can be updated by connecting the ESC with PC or smart phone.

Programming Method
It can be programmed by PC connected with
1. SKYLINK(SK-600013)
2. Smart phone via Bluetooth Module(SK-600058)
3. PROGBOX(SK-300046)

Precise Programmable Items

Turbo Timing
When the car is in full throttle, turbo timing set can improve the RPM to get its best performance.

Well-performed Throttle and Brake Control Function:
Users could set the punch/brake control rate by point or customize the throttle/brake curve by themselves,and different customers' request for linear and power all can be met.


Size (WxLxH): 58 x 41 x 38mm
Weight: 95g (w/o wire)
Constant/Burst Current: 150A/950A
Motor Compatible: Brushless Sensor & Sensorless ESC
Car Compatible: 1/8 Buggy, Truck and Monster
Motor Limits: 2-4S Lipo KV=3000,2-6Poles
2-6S Lipo: KV=2400, 2-4Poles
Resistance: 0.0002ohm
Battery Cell Count: 6-19S NIMH or 2-6S LIPO
BEC Output: 6Va5A
FAN: 5Va0.3A

Color: Black

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